about me

Curiosity is a gift... and a curse.

I was born in 1974 and I believe I belong to one of the most lucky, unique generations ever lived: I am part of a demographic which grew up without Internet, slowly saw it appearing on computer screens, and gradually transitioned into a world where the net is now in our pockets, on our wrists, in our fridge and many more connected devices.

I started taking stuff apart when I was 6, and this desire to discover the inner workings of objects has guided me my whole life through hacking computers, engines, code and electronics.

Armed with this curiosity I became interested in many aspects of computing and technology, as well as many things technical.

I moved to Amsterdam in 2002 where I worked as a Creative Technologist for Wieden+Kenney until 2005.

I supervised, directed and/or developed projects for Nike, Nokia, GoreTEX, Heineken, Bottega Veneta, Mandarina Duck, Electronic Arts, MTV and many more.

I currently teach programming, electronics and other things to whoever wants to learn, often developing my own methods to explain really complicated things in a more tangible, down-to-earth fashion.
I do not try to teach things I don't thoroughly understand, which often leads me to learn completely new subjects in order to be able to explain them to myself and others.

In my off-time, when I shower or do the dishes, I think about ways to improve things or invent new ones.

I began experimenting with mobile devices in 2001, and internet connected objects in 2007.

I love talking about the future. join me


These are the things I may help you with:

Creative Technology Direction

Over the past two decades I acquired extended knowledge of coding languages and paradigms, become proficient at diverse engineering practices and kept up-to-date with new and upcoming technologies.

I can supervise teams with diverse skills and am able to coordinate projects as well as getting my hands dirty when necessary.

Design/Technology Bridge

Thanks to the projects I've been involved with I've learned to speak both technology and design, which makes me a good diplomatic bridge between these two worlds who still seem to speak very different idioms and comply to different protocols.

I sometimes work as a client's delegate inside production houses.

Interaction Design

I cherish how we, as humans, interact with things, be them interfaces on screen, objects or physical spaces.

I believe there's always room for improvement in interaction patterns.


Getting electrocuted has been one of my favorite hobbies since I was a child.

I love working with electronics to create product prototypes, proof of concept devices and installations.


As I began using a 3d printer I found myself using CAD on an almost daily basis in order to create parts for prototypes

When working with product designers I really enjoy making their lives easier by preparing models starting from ECAD projects in order to design perfect enclosures.

There's more...

I don't believe a website is enough to say what I'm involved in.

Get in touch and we can chat for hours.


a selection of projects I've been involved in.

I'm currently working on adding more content and descriptions/credits.
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every now and then some nice people invite me to speak at conferences or events, and I enjoy doing this a lot.
the latest I attended as a speaker are:

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what I do is possible because:

my clients trust me

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the Open Source Community is always there to help

so many people support my obsessions